Cununa de lauri (dafin) — simbolul societatii FuneraliaTM
Telefoane apelabile in regim NON-STOP

Thank you

for the message you've filled in and sent to our funeral service's E-mail account. We acknowledge receipt of this and, according to the option selected in the form sent, one of the "FuneraliaTM" agents will contact you as soon as possible (either by phone or via an email at the address you indicated).


However, if the nature of your problem is urgent, please use the following, quicker, contact options;


Call us at one of the four NON-STOP mobile phone numbers, seven days out of seven
(0721-849 364, 0721-266 967, 0732-384 145, 0749-046 064) in order to get in touch immediately with one of our agents;


Visit us at the "FuneraliaTM" store, located in Timisoara, on Calea Martirilor street(formerly known as Girocului Street)
no. 22 SAD, at the intersection of this street with Liviu Rebreanu Blvd., or at the funeral house "FuneraliaTM", located on Liviu Rebreanu Blvd. no. 98. For exact location of both these locations in
GoogleMaps, see the enclosed  Google map .



You can also find us on:


Agency / sell point: TIMIŞOARA, Calea Martirilor st. no. 22 SAD, Romania  |  Schedule NON-STOP

Phone numbers (available 24/7): 0721-849 364 | 0721-266 967


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